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Hire a Dedicated SEO Resource:

Looking for your website on the web is like finding a needle in a haystack, but if you are visible on this wide web, then it can be the key to your success. But how can you do it? SEO is a full-time job and with all the management and strategies to develop your business, where is the time to take your website to the top? Get rid of that headache with our all-in-one solution for your SEO problems. Hire our dedicated SEO resources now, so that we can share your load because at WebGoka, your website is our top priority.

When looking for a dedicated resource, we will provide you with an experienced SEO executive who will be dedicatedly working on your website. We will provide you with list of suggested activities for that resource, however, you can edit, change or modify completely as per your requirement.

The resource will work virtually from our office location in Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai and will not travel to your location. However, the resource will report daily for the tasks completed Vs allocated. You can speak to the resource over phone and send emails as well. He/she will be only working on the tasks provided by you. The executive will complete 8 hours of daily login and tasks related to the same.

We will raise invoice for the resource on a monthly basis. Pricing for this service is as under :

S. No Resource Name Experience Time Period Working Days (Min - Max) Daily Work Price ( )
1 Junior Goka 1-2 Years 30 Days 20 – 22 8 Hours 19000 + GST
2 Junior Goka 1-2 Years 30 Days 20 – 22 4 Hours 11000 + GST
3 Mid Goka 2-3 Years 30 Days 20 – 22 8 Hours 24000 + GST
4 Mid Goka 2-3 Years 30 Days 20 – 22 4 Hours 14000 + GST
5 Senior Goka 3-5 Years 30 Days 20 – 22 8 Hours 34000 + GST
6 Senior Goka 3-5 Years 30 Days 20 – 22 4 Hours 19000 + GST

Key Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated SEO Resource

  • Expert guidance and strategy developed by WebGoka for your work
  • No hassle of managing the employee’s , their work system, allocation of tasks
  • Weekly checking and reporting by WebGoka on the tasks completed
  • Working at a pool of white listed IP’s
  • Access to premium software’s and directories through WebGoka

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