Social Media: Evolve in the world of search engine optimization

Today’s age corresponds to modernization, advancement and steady development. The internet and its various applications are the driving force behind this progress. More and more people are getting hooked to the internet and are performing tiring and time-consuming jobs with ease from the comfort of their homes.

With customers getting net-savvy, various sellers are making their importance felt on the internet. As a result, Digital Marketing that is, marketing through different digital channels such as email and social networking sites has become important.

The Shortcomings of Keyword stuffing in SEO:

In the past, most sellers opted for a short-cut method to tap their customers. They stuffed keywords on their website to improve its visibility in a search engine’s search result. They aimed at getting their website to appear at the top of the search result list to ensure more visitors. However, Google tracked the sites which participated in link scheming, unnatural linking and keyword stuffing and removed them from its search results.

SMO: The Answer to all the problems:

Website owners have now realized that such short cut methods have short-termed benefits. Instead of opting for these methods, they would have to focus on customer satisfaction, good branding and try to reach out to maximum number of customers, using a correct strategy. They realized that the best way to tap customers was to use a medium that is most popular among people of all age groups. Obviously, what could have been better than the social media?

Website owners have now begun to concentrate on SMO, that is, Social Media Optimization. The idea is to use various social media platforms to increase awareness of their products and services. This process includes using RSS feeds, social media sites, video & blogging sites, social news & bookmarking sites amongst others.

SMO has become an important part of SEO. Various search engines are making it a benchmark to rank pages in their search engine results. Search engines rank the website with the maximum points on the top of the result page.

SMO – Its advantages:

SMO has an array of advantages because of which various search engines are using it as the primary tool to fetch results. The most important advantage is no doubt the fact that website owners cannot use any short cut methods to influence their rankings. The importance of location based SMO also needs special mention as it is an important tool to meet the demand of the increasing personalized searches.

Hence, Social Media is without doubt the future for evolving in the SEO world.



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  1. Shweta Bhatia

    I cant understand how SEO and SMO can benefit my website in a distinct manner? Are they not same? Actually m a novice and I am in dire need of such service providers who can guide me that what work is done in both of them.
    Can I expect you to help me on this?

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