The Importance of building an interactive website

One of the main features that separate the good websites from the bad ones is that the good ones are very interactive. When a customer browses through these websites he realises that they are easy to navigate, the information is easy to understand and most importantly there is always a call to action on these websites. It is noticed that websites which are interactive help the organization build a strong relationship with their customers. Customers feel as though they are a part of the company since they are able to interact and get information and use the website with no trouble. While it is very important for all websites to be interactive, it is even more vital for e-commerce portals to be interactive. This is because the entire business model of these companies revolves around their website. Customers often do not have a salesman to talk to, as they would do in a brick and mortar store. The website effectively is the salesman, and that is why it is helpful if it is interactive.

Interactive websites always have a space where customers can leave their contact details so that the company can call them back if there is something important. At the same time they would also like the company to provide them with their contact details, their email id and their customer care number on either the home page or some other prominent place on their website. Customers also like websites that have a space for them to express their views and opinions. If they have a complaint to make they would like the website to have a section specially assigned for it. If they have a view on how the company can improve their products and services they would like a place for this as well. It makes them feel as though the retailer is serious about the way they treat their customers and intends to earn their trust.

It has become very popular with websites to post explainer videos and appealing images on their websites. For one thing images and pictures convey the messages a lot faster and more coherently than words. It is also an indication that the webmaster is very creative and has put in plenty of effort into designing his site. The Internet is a fiercely competitive network. It is not easy for websites and portals to come out on top. But being interactive can help that process quite a bit.

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  1. Ramesh Raghavan

    Most websites these days are colourful, full of attractive schemes, images, etc. Is there a guarantee that a company which has a website is authentic? Trustworthy? Or the least, Real????

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