The role of clients in logo designing process

Whether a logo is good or bad is not for the designer to decide. The designs have to meet the expectations of the clients and have the potential to become popular in the industry. They must have a strong recall value, so that the consumers remember them and associate them with the product. The logos are approved by the clients only when they pass all these criteria.

There is a significant role that the clients play in the process of logo designing that is undertaken by a professional team of designers. At the initial stage, they will have to give a complete brief about the company, its products and services, its target consumer group, competition and the business objectives. They will also have to tell what kind of logo they are comfortable with, or have had in the past. While some companies prefer logos that symbolize the products they sell, others are in the favor of a logo that stresses upon the brand name. Some clients may want an abstract logo, while others want something that is concrete. These guidelines, regarding the type of logo to be made, help the designers to a great extent, by giving them a direction to work.

While all these details need to be mentioned with precision at the beginning of the logo designing process, there is the need for proper feedback later. The clients are contacted after a basic concept is drawn. This concept might be related to specific keywords and taglines for greater clarity. This will give an idea to the client about the look of the logo. He needs to give creative inputs, as well as suggestions for changes, as required. If the fundamental idea appeals to him, he will advise about the colors and fonts to be used. Though the designers use their own discretion and experience to decide these factors, the theme of the website of the client and nature of his products also plays an important role.

The final feedback is taken when the logo has been completed. Appropriate colors are filled and fonts are used for writing the name with the logo. The designing team will create a few options for the client to choose from. The client finalizes the most suitable design, and the same is delivered to him.

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