Steps of making an impressive logo

The logo of a company plays a significant role in determining what type of clients it will acquire and how popular it will become. Considering how much depends on the quality of a logo, it is no surprise that the process of creating a logo is a long drawn one and involves many people.

An entire team works hard to make a logo that matches the expectation of the client and enables differentiation. The client group and the team that is working on the logo need to interact on a regular basis. As creators of unique corporate logos, we realize that logo creation is not a onetime task but an iterative process. The steps involved in this process are:

• Understanding the goal of the business: the needs of the clients will have to be conveyed clearly to the designing team. The designers will focus upon the target audience while creating a logo. Identification of the target consumers is possible only when the objectives of a business are clear. A logo must appeal to the target group and is made according to their tastes and preferences. The marketing team of a company is responsible for doing the analysis of consumer psychology and telling the designers what type of logo would attract the buyers.

• Studying competition: to get a better insight into the industry and its standards, the designers, along with the marketing team, will have to study the competitors. Creative differentiation will make the logo stand out amongst competition.

• Studying previous logos: if the logo is being redesigned, then the team will go through the elements of each previous logo that the company had. The new design will have to match the existing logo, as well as the current trends. See how the logo of Ford has changed with time, while keeping the underlying idea same.

• Drawing and mind mapping: these are two essential parts of the process of logo creation. Our designers start a project from scratch, creating many options on paper. The keywords that are relevant for the company are taken into account and the design is created around those words. Mind mapping and brain storming boost this creative process, bringing positive results.

• Digital implementation: the ideas created on paper are moved on to the next step, which involves designing on the computer. Many software are used for designing, Adobe illustrator being a popular one.

Thus, the logo is finally formed by combining technology and creativity. The process ends when the logo is approved by the client.

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  1. Ramesh Raghavan

    Wouldn’t designing a logo for a product, keeping in mind only the target audience, limit the long-term success of my product and its probable use by ‘other user’s in future?

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